I'm completely overwhelmed by all the ideas of blog posts in my head.

I'm super inspired lately so I have been contemplating writing about the items that inspire, then I keep thinking about writing more in depth about my tattoo being done and how I want to post pictures for those but with that I actually need to acquire those awesome pictures to keep y'all intrigued. I am also loving the growth my marriage has taken the last few days and it's something I cherish and want to document but then I want to throw some freebies out there.

So maybe I'm a taking the easier way out since it's midnight and I should've been in bed 3 hours ago if my exhaustion had it's way but today, you get a free Twitter background courtesy of The Kinch Life DESIGNS.

To install this background, you'll log into your Twitter account, in the right hand corner click the little wheel that leads to Settings. Head down to Design on the left then you're able to "Change Background" on the right. This is where you'll upload and save this image you've download to your desktop.

And enjoy!
[an example from when I rocked for a few days]