Today we celebrate our love together. Today we embrace the many years we have to come. Today is all about thinking over the memories we've made these first two years. Today is for holding on a little tighter cause we've made it one step closer to forever. Today is about honoring the vows we promised each other two years ago.

Today my hearts beats faster and slower seeing him. Today I cry because I'm so happy who God has blessed me with. Today he is the man I look to for comfort and stability. Today waking up next to him brings a warming smile to my face.

Today I'm a hot mess knowing just a few short years ago I was still a child but today I'm a woman firmly rooted by my husbands love. Today I'm humbled that my love for him only grows deeper by the minute.

Today I look to God thanking him for my best friend. Today I pray a little prayer asking for guidance in our next year. Today I look forward to building more memories. Today I love my husband more than I did yesterday and less than I will tomorrow.

And today I call him my husband of two years.