Community Church of Joy focuses on loving God, building community & serving others.

I'm lucky enough to have built solid friendships with a few people on staff. They're people I met through volunteering with the youth and have only grown closer as I came on staff. Marissa, David, Jake and I have made Tuesdays our days to build community with each other. After our staff meeting we hit the town for lunch and sometimes spice it up with a little dessert treat. This week was Pita Jungle and Starbucks for a spike to finish our afternoon right.

What's an afternoon without snapping a picture for evidence of our happiness with that outing.

What can I say? We were supes excited for our red cups. Like to the extent we made our pic shine with our giddiness. But for real, how blessed am I to have this environment to work in? These people I firmly believe have been placed in my life to simply build His community and to keep me sane after a morning of crying about Elle in our small groups (seriously). They're great; they also helped cast the vision of the Bridge Revamp back here and here.

And yes, you've seen David grace this blog a handful of times. He and his wifey Holly are great friends of ours we've spent a lot of time with; he was even in our wedding. You'll most likely remember him from our Cabin Trip or from being smashed in Brut's crate for an evening of entertainment.

What do you have to be thankful for today?