Well our weekend was SOOOOOO nice. Just in the sense we spent Sunday morning going to church and then indulging in an afternoon of watching our favorite Broncos. Did ya see it? They were kind of smokin'. I've been so proud of them lately! Lucky for you, it put me in an even better mood just wasting away the afternoon on the couch with hubs and I decided I'd share with y'all some of my favorite fonts I use.

These are ones I love to add some spunk to photos with, invites, design work and even for simple printables. These are all available to download for free from dafont.com. My only request (as is dafont)  is if you're wanting to use them other then for personal use BUY THEM. I have all these purchased so I have the rights to use them on top of personal uses. Make sure you use properly! I would appreciate it as would the site providing these awesome fonts!


Which is your favorite?