Yesterday I recapped about hubs being a little sickling and me being me, made him finally visit the doctor which was for a good reason. Come to find out, he has a severe case of Bronchitis and early Pneumonia. He's been put on the strongest drugs out there and has a week cycle of antibiotics. Today is day 3 of no work and he will be off the entire weekend as well. Your prayers are always appreciated and we're very grateful for them! We planned to have Drake all weekend but if hubs isn't doing better, I'm not happy with exposing Maximus. So again, here's to knowing God is working in his life on the road to recovery.

On another note, today is delivery day for hubs Christmas gift and it needs a signature. I was planning on coming home throughout the day to be there for drop off but since he's home, he'll do just fine. And of course, now I'm stressing my man will peek at the return address and know exactly what it is. Guess I'm not too great at surprise (also cause I can't keep them since I'm too excited to tell!). Either way, I hope, hope, hope he loves what I came up with. As soon as the cat's out of the bag I'll be sharing this great gift here!

Have y'all started your holiday shopping? I came across Luvocracy a few weeks back on Justina's blog which was a blessing in disguise. It's the perfect outlet for making a "wish list" of any kind to pass along to your family.

It's similar to Pinterest but more on the catalog side cause everything can be purchased! Basically, you install the plug in and when you're browsing the web you and come across something you'd like for yourself you can add it to your recommendations. You can create different "boards" with different types of product just as Pinterest but when you pass this along, all the receiver has to do is click on the item and it takes them through all the steps to purchase.

Great, huh? This is my holiday wish list passed along to hubs and the best part is that I picked it all so he can't go wrong! Just as Pinterest you'll need an invite for this fab site so check out Justina's blog as she has the hook up!

Happy Thursday!
& pray hubs doesn't peek! ;)