December 3, 2012

How was your weekend? We had Drake & hubs was off. He also got his Christmas gift and is in love with it (more about that later this week!). Saturday we BBQed with my family and a few neighbors which always results in the cousins snapping a few pictures together. Poor Sean, the only boy. At least all of us girls keep him in check! And Brutus... isn't he the cutest pooch around? He was Mr. Needy all weekend and I didn't mind one bit. Sunday morning kicked off with blankets, cuddles, cartoons and all my boys. What a great way to spend a weekend filled with family and so much love.

One more thing.... I am once again rocking my natural hair color. Blonde is back and I'm loving it! I came to the point with the brown either it needed to be DARK brown or none at all. It was best when a rich chocolate with some red tones and I was stuck in the middle so we went blonde again! It's more of a gold//honey tone now but in a couple more weeks we can lighten it right up to the natural color. Until then, lots of purple shampoo will be used! ;)

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  1. Don't kill me but I thought you ROCKED being the brunette and I NEVER say that to blondes that go dark! LOL But I am not one to comment and say you don't look as a blonde, I've never done the whole dye the hair bit (was never allowed as a child and I've kept it that way) At least you can pull off both looks so well!

  2. Purple shampoo is the best thing ever created!!! I just love your hair however you wear it!!!

  3. What is purple shampoo?!? I'm intrigued...

    Sounds like a perfect weekend! Brutus is too cute. Needy pups are the best :)

  4. what a cute puppy nose. melt my heart. {i am adopting one this week! eek!} xojacqlyn

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