I suffer from indecisiveness like there's no tomorrow. I can never make up my mind and stick with something. My style is all over the place with loving vintage looks, classic colors, a modern and edgy vibe so this year with Christmas cards I changed the design about 12 times. That's not even an exaggeration. You saw what I thought was our card design, here and yes, it was great and very much me but I just wasn't loving the contrast of black/white on the kraft with reds. I wanted something a little different and maybe more masculine to compliment my boys. 

So here we are. The final cards have been printed and will be sent out this weekend. Yes this weekend, because we all know I'm notorious for sending Christmas cards out the day after Thanksgiving.

Enjoy your holiday tomorrow soaking in all the goodness around you. Pray for others to humble themselves and to honor everything in their lives they can be thankful for. And go ahead and snooze a little. You deserve it.