Are you dying for the reveal of hubs Christmas gift? No? I didn't think so. I did instagram it as soon as it was here but let's go a little more in depth.

This year I surprised hubs with a new PC. His old computer was a Dell with Windows 3 still, low storage and memory. He's not the kind of guy to ask for things when they still work and I knew he'd never be the one to admit it's time to update his computer. Luckily, his uncle worked for Microsoft and has some hook ups so I contacted him to see if they had any PC that were all in one models. The way it works is he ships out the PC and once it's received, I simply make a donation to Heart to Heart for the amount he asks me to (we got this 50% off). Great deal, right?! I was ready for a sleeker, simple look and they did have one!

This is the computer he got. Apparently, Lenovo is the highest quality PC out there so we lucked out with getting something great that will last us another 10 years.... if I let him keep it that long. Either way, it's a 23" touch screen PC, 4GB RAM, 1TB storage, Windows 7 (I didn't want 8 so his new computer and my laptop could sync) and is seriously sleek and gorgeous.

Why not Apple? Hubs is partial to Microsoft cause of his families ties and that's fine by me. In my opinion it's much easier to navigate and the design programs I use are PC only. Winning in my book!

Altogether, hubs was stunned. He had no clue what I was surprising him with; his guesses consisted of:  poker table, bass guitar, Denver Broncos items, a hooker, drop down stripper pole and the list goes on. I think I did pretty well this year!

Another thing...

There's a little more that goes into me going back blonde. I know some people love my natural hair color and some prefer the darker tones. That's fine, all people have their own opinions but I just wanted to explain a little more in depth my reasoning for making the transition back.

I grew up a white blonde, like WHITE. So did Andrew. We have always heard from people how we will make the cutest blonde babies and our family will be all blondies. We both come from sides that it's majority blondes so it makes sense that's how our family will grow. It's always something I've looked forward to when we tied the knot, bringing some blondies on board and being the family all in unison. Call me selfish and materialistic but I think it's darn cute.

Now if you've dyed your hair, you know it's a process going dark to light, it's not as simple as throwing dark on a white light cause color takes much easier. This should be about a years process but me being impatient makes it happen in the unhealthy, damaging way to my hair.

So personally, I'd like to take the next year or two to focus on getting my hair long and healthy for pregnancy and for after when our family grows. I love the idea of having the unity within our features and I want to make sure it's in a good, healthy place when we start trying for a family. I've heard many horror stories of hair changing into a hot mess, so I'd like to do everything I can to avoid those changes.

I've had a few questions about purple shampoo. It's a blondes lifesaver. It tones down brassiness or orange tones to give a more beige or white look. Magic in a bottle I like to call it.

The end. You don't have to like it natural but I do and that's what matters most. Ain't that the beauty of opinions?! ;)

Have a great day!