I have mixed feelings about today. It's Friday but I have one crazy, busy weekend ahead of me. All I'm concerned about right now is how I'm not going to be getting enough sleep tonight to look rested and gorgeous tomorrow for hubs work holiday party. But I guess I have a fight about looking gorgeous any way so whatever. I'm also concerned cause I pigged out last night and the dress I have to wear is not forgiving, at all. But I started my day today hiking with my pops so that counts for something, right? Especially when we watched the sun rise.

Such a beautiful sight.

No printable today but don't forget to download your Christmas backgrounds for your gadgets from earlier this week, here.

And if you missed it, get updated on hubs Christmas gift, here.

Happy Friday!
Wish me luck squeezing into my dress tomorrow!
Lawwwwd knows I need it.