It's no lie we all know I wear extensions a lot of the time so you may think I have loooong hair, but news flash guys: I DON'T. I used to rock a short reverse A line bob but it's finally on it's way to growing into that horrible awkward stage we all hate. So I spend morning after morning fighting with it trying to do something slightly cute which never happens so I then resort to the lifesaving extensions.

But that also brings me to the Top Knot.

Okay, okay! I know we are all so over this 'do but it's finally something I can manage even with the hot mess of damaged hair my head is full of. So guess what? Today, you learn how to do it!... this really only helps you gals with short hair that's a pain in the toosh cause all you other ladies blessed with luscious locks probably have had it mastered for over a year. And that makes me quite jealous.

But grab your hairspray & cute bows cause this style will soon be your new bestie fo life.

So there ya have it. Easy enough right? I'd recommend taking a few times practicing before you go out in public. It starts as a disaster the first couple times so work your way into it. I hope this helps for all you ladies who are cursed with the "short hair that won't grow" bracket!