Since I cut down my hours at the church to be home more working on design stuff, I've also converted our guest bedroom into a new home office for me. I've been having a ball making it uber girly and perfect for me so when I came across the ampersand at Hob Lob, I knew I had a DIY project in my near future. 

We have a few of the letters around our home all purchased at Hobby Lobby and you can use a 40% off coupon on any regular priced item, so do it! The mod podge and glitter were also purchased at Hob Lob months back, but they always have those friendly craft tools available. And that my friends, is all your need for this project. Easy, so let's begin!

See people? Easy! The only thing that's a pain is waiting for the sucker to dry between coats. I was impatient and kept trying to speed up the process only smudging the glitter and having to add a little more to cover my mess up. Otherwise, it's great! I love my newest addition to my office and I'm sure y'all will too.