Buddy Check

January 30, 2013

Let's talk about organic foods.

If you've been around here a while, you know I struggle with migraines and along with that I have some particular foods I have to steer clear of. You can read about that, here.

Recently, I've dipped back into eating whatever I felt and granted it was healthy but I've been suffering from quite to spout of pain lately. Hubs came to me over the weekend saying he was ready to hop on board with eating as I normally do, organic foods and all. To say I was elated is an understatement.

I've battled back and forth trying to make our household healthy, organic and clean eating all the time and it's been tough getting him to say no to his Monsters, pop and all the delicious sweets in between. He grew up with a home that always had those goodies and still do so when we go over there, we're each bound to gain at least 5 pounds a visit.

Him coming to me had me bursting and I spent my next day revamping our grocery list and a whole afternoon buried in Sprouts and Whole Foods. I'm excited because not only is he going to be eating better with me and that can only support a healthy life for him, but we can be dependent on each other now! No more fighting the temptation of ice cream or drooling over his butter smeared muffins. We're in this together and that only lightens my heart.

I've been trying to find sweet alternatives to help those cravings we have, and lately these are my go-to snacks:

Simple snacks that conquer the sweet juices and they're better alternatives. Win win, right? Other times you can find me munching on spicy roasted hummus with carrots or celery, avocado on toasted ezekiel bread or edamame.

What are some of your favorite, organic, clean snacks?


  1. Love this! I'm trying to eat cleaner as well! Peanut butter and celery is one of my go to snacks these days!


  2. I love Clif bars & Luna bars. So delicious. So healthy. And sweet!!

  3. There are these almond clusters by Mrs. Mays you can buy at SAMs or Costco that are soooo good. They totally take care of the sweet tooth with out adding 40 lbs here is the site http://mrsmays.com/

  4. I have 3 favorites on my blog at http://www.supernaturalresources.com/?p=159. They include avocado chocolate pudding, raw chocolate milkshake and almond flour chocolate chip cookies. I wrote that blog awhile back but they are still some of my favs:)

  5. edamame is my most favorite eeeever. if you like watermelon you should try this thing..it's like frozen watermelon that makes like a watermelon icecream style thing. and I totally forget what it's called. hahah. But avocado pudding is pretty awesome too!

  6. I'm with Chelsea on the edamames, I always have a bowl of edamamaes and chickpeas in the fridge. Another fave snack is pretzels with crasins, sweet and salty. That's great hubby's on board with healthy eating, it's hard to say no to snacks and such when it's in the house! I go through it almost everyday!!