Friday Freebie!

January 25, 2013

Happy Friday!

It's Friday Freebie day... as you all know! It seems that the whole iPhone//phone backgrounds are a hit so again, you have a home screen and lock screen available for download! There's nothing too special behind the meaning of why I chose this text (at least not as deep as last week) but hopefully it reminds you to shine a diamond. Or sequins in this case. Too bad Rihanna didn't think of that one.

Enjoy you gals!

download the lock screen, here & download the home screen, here.

I love to know who downloads the freebie to enjoy!
tweet me @aubreykinch 
or tag me on instagram [@aubreykinch]
 telling me you've snagged one! 
You can also use #kinchdesigns to see a gallery of my portfolio via insta
& I'd love for you to add these freebies to that!

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  1. Thanks so much for doing these ea week!


  2. You have outdone yourself my pretty little pumpkin! This is my favorite and I'm putting it on my phone right this second! LOVE IT! xoxox

  3. Aubs,
    You're awesome.
    Seriously love you girl!


  4. I found you on Arkansassy today and I am in love. I can't wait to snag this freebie from my phone when I read your blog on my 6 hour car ride tomorrow.

    You are so gorgeous by the way ... (yah that sounds creepy but I had to say it).

    Check out my blog if you can!

  5. LOVEEE this!!! Right up my alley! :) Thank you!

  6. Absolutely love this, thank you!! New follower :)

  7. I love this home lock screen pic!! It's amazing!!!

  8. You are now an official part of my Fridays...I wake up, come directly to your blog and download the freebie, then blog about said freebie. Thank you for making Fridays extra special!

    Oh and I'm obsessed with your blog designs.

    Lauren @ My Polished Side Blog

  9. Very cute! Love your nails too! LOL

  10. This post is featured today on my "this week I loved" post! Love you talented girl! xoxo

  11. SO glad I stumbled upon your blog. Love it!


  12. I just found your blog and I love this background set. What a wonderful daily reminder for me. Thank you for sharing and creating such pretty freebies! :)

  13. Love this! Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us!