Nothing makes my heart melt quite as much watching hubs with Drake. He's the most incredible father and the most adoring husband. I've seen him develop into such a Godly man and into someone I look forward spending all my days with. He's built up our home and our life always pursuing our Lord and always putting Drake and myself first. He's a family man and it's something I thank God for daily.

We've been praying for more time with Drake and praying we can extend our weekends into weeks with him at a time. Our Lord is faithful and is providing so magnificently. I was a little spoiled having hubs off this whole weekend with Drake but it was something we embraced full force, rainy weather and all. 

It was necessary to splash around in puddles, to take a bike ride, to play with a recent gift from grandma and grandpa. It was necessary to lounge on the driveway watching my boys enjoy the beautiful weather and each other. It was a blessing to wake up to Drake snuggles between hubs and I and it was so special getting the full weekend with all three of my boys.

It's weekends like these that fill my heart with hope of what our future holds. Especially when Drake talks about wanting siblings all weekend long.

It may have been simple but it's something I'd do daily cause it's spent with the 3 boys I love most.