New Floors

January 19, 2013

It's hard to get the hubs to agree to anything that has to do with upgrading in our house. We've been in the house since we were married and are very blessed to say we own so when I want to upgrade random items, hubs smacks me back into reality saying not many 23 year olds own their own home. Let alone for 3 years.

We did finally bite the bullet though and chose to upgrade our flooring. The carpet was brand new when the house was purchased but the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry suffer from hideous linoleum. We... I wanted wood floors since forever so I was able to convince the man of the house and we did just that.

We ended up choosing laminate over wood because we do have a massive dog to mess up things, friends who are over often to add more of a beating and the two of us who are constantly moving around the house only causing more traffic. So for our lifestyle, laminate was going to be the smartest choice being more sustainable and durable.

My dad who helped us with our backyard, also agreed to help us lay the new flooring. Bless his heart because without him, we'd never know what to do! This past weekend, the boys spent 12 hours straight laying floors while I watched, encouraged and snapped pictures all the while.

Isn't it gorgeous?!

In the beginning hubs kept saying it didn't make a difference to him and he couldn't visualize the outcome but he is so impressed with how it turned out. That says a lot.

I'm in heaven. I just want to stay in the kitchen and never leave.

You saw the before, HERE with the Casa Kinch Tour.
+a lot has changed in the house from when I showed you last, updates are to come when each room is blog worthy ready!


  1. It looks really good! Also, your couches and dining room table are totally what I want when we finally get a house!

  2. What a difference! I love the color. It's amazing what changes like paint and flooring can do for an entire room. I wish we had someone to guide us along projects like this...can we borrow your dad? :)

  3. They look beautiful! I am super jealous and of course had to check out the house tour. We just moved into our home and for now there are 7 (yes SEVEN) different floors. eak. Come do my house next!

  4. I LOVE the color! They look amazing :)

  5. Wow! It really does look great. Such a beautiful color!! Your house is beautiful, and your doggy too! :)


  6. It looks amazing!! So awesome they did it themselves!

  7. Love it! Do you mind if I ask where you got it and what brand/color it is? I want to do laminate too but haven't been able to decide on a color!

  8. it looks great! we went with laminate on ours too because of the high traffic. it's kept up great. the only thing that i dislike is the constant sweeping and mopping. enjoy your floors!

  9. Aubrey, the floor looks gorgeous! I love that darker color. you definitely are lucky to own your own home--I'm working on 8 years of apartment living--agh, someday! :)

  10. Your floors look great!!! What a sweet Dad and Hubs for laying them for you!! :)

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  11. I am in love with them! they look awesome! ;)

  12. the new floors look fabulous! they turned out so good :]

    & not sure why i wasnt falling your blog before -- i am now!


  13. it looks gorgeous!!! i wish my kitchen and living room looked like that :( haha
    ps the husky is adorable. what a beautiful dog :)

    The DayLee Journal

    My Grandma just redid all the floors in her house and they look like this.
    I LOVE!


  15. Looks great! I love wood flooring, it always looks so nice!

  16. That looks fantastic! They did a great job!

  17. just found your blog and LOVE it! i had to comment bc we also have a massive dog and want to redo our whole downstairs with laminate! yours looks so great! we have laminate in our foyer, but BEIGE carpet (that was brand new when we moved in too) throughout the rest of the house. let's just say the carpet is NOT going well with our giant muddy puppy!

    also, LOVE your blog design, and may be contacting you VERY soon! :)