There's nothing quite like watching my cousins grow into beautiful young girls.
From day one, I've always been around and we've always been more sisters than cousins.

This weekend, Madison, the oldest had her state cheer competition. This is exactly what I was doing at her age and she was just a little girl watching me perform. Now, it was my chance to watch her do her thing and beam with pride and joy.

I get overwhelmed with emotions thinking about watching her grow and after watching her knock it out this weekend, it's even more apparent to me how much her and her sisters mean to me. She is quite the gorgeous teen and I'm so happy we've grown so close over the years and even happier I was able to share a special memory she'll cherish for many years to come. Who knows, maybe she will be watching a Little of mine doing the same in the future!

Love you Madi!
You are a rock star!

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