Yep, it was completely necessary making a little vlog. Wednesday was a disaster and it was something I couldn't control so I had a moment of weakness, shed a few tears and cursed a bit, right Liz? I felt a stab in my heart from people getting upset with me, again, about something I had no control over. I'll be honest, I was shocked by the way some ladies addressed me and it clearly opened my eyes to those clients I've had in the past and simple blogger friends, that had my back. I can't thank them enough.
I want each of you to know how much your comments + love meant to me.
After taking a moment to regroup and a moment to realize that I can't please everyone I knew what I wanted to do for this week's freebie. I found this saying on pinterest a few months ago and it's been one that makes so much sense. I whipped it up and plastered it on my phone and printed it out for my office. I need to remember this more times than not and it was exactly what I needed to see after Wednesday's shenanigans.
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I hope you enjoy this freebie ladies and I hope it reminds you to take deep breaths when life gets hard. We don't have the ability to control everything and I know that's something I get anxiety over so this little saying can gives us the encouragement we need.

On another note, this weekend I'm going through my closet and will be getting things organized to have a little Blog Sale hopefully this coming week! I'd love for you to come back and take a look when it's live!
Happy Friday, loves.
Stay YOU.