This past weekend we had Drake and it was one we spent a little more time as a family with Andrew not working as much. It was nice having some normalcy where Andrew and I were co-parenting and enjoying Drake together. A lot of the time I'm the one who takes off Fridays to get Drake Thursday nights. It's him and I all day Friday and we're both excited for daddy to get home after his long day. Then again, Saturday we start our morning hiking with Grandpa Eric and run errands, clean the house, get some TV time in and wait for pops to come home. Sunday is when the three of us can sleep in and make breakfast together and enjoy a normal day at church and an afternoon relaxing.

It's something Drake and I are so used to and it's our little routine. Andrew was a little taken back seeing how we've made this normal and was a bit out of place figuring out his own role. Funny how that works. Me, being the stepmom and Drake bonding and building a life together. I think it surprised Andrew when I had to run out and Drake jumped on the opportunity to come with me. So we left the old daddy at home and had some more mommy//son time.

He's been more and more vocal saying he loves me and bringing to my attention how he feels. I dropped him with Grandma and Grandpa Friday for part of the day and he had a hard time with me leaving. Normally not one to give hugs and whine but he gave 3 hugs and kept coming to me saying "huggggy". I can't tell you what that does to my heart.

It's magic.

I realized marrying Andrew I'd be coming into a family and it was something I wanted to embrace. I was fully prepared to take on the role Drake needed for building our home together. In no way was I prepared for God to work so deep in my heart to love this boy with all my soul. In no way was I prepared to consider waiting expanding our family just to have more one and one time with my Little Man.

Drake is the world to me. He has helped me become a mom and he's worked his little soul into the middle of my heart. That boy, is the light of my life.

I can't thank God enough.
& Andrew of course, for blessing me with a son.