That's right. Let's talk about 'em.

Dad, it's time to move on with your day and stop reading. Love you! 

Let me start by saying I've always had the smallest little nuggets around and it's something I've been very vocal about wanting to enlarge. I've been to consultations and met with many surgeons. I've done my research and I have made the decision the move forward with the process when I feel like financially making the commitment.

This past year my body has started changing. I'm growing into my womanly figure, if you will, and I've seen noticeable growth in the ladies. I can speak for my husband when I say, it's definitely been a nice little change for both of us. I'm finally fitting in the tops that require a nice set of girls and don't look completely flat in a bathing suit! Hallelujah! 

Because of these little changes, I've needed to adjust my ladies' wardrobe. I have always seen some cute items at H&M and chose to shop there this last week to spice it up. I can be the first to say, I was more than pleased! I grew up a Vicki's girl and worked there for 3 years but can't commit to spending $50 on a bra I might not fit in longer than the lifetime of the bra itself. So I wanted to share my loves of my last shopping trip!

all shown are from H&M, however not showing online

T H E   B A S I C
Talk about comfort! I have always worn a push up to give a little something but this bra is now my favorite for throwing on. The cups are a full cup so I don't feel like the ladies will pop out and the band is wide giving you a seamless look under your shirt.

T H E   P U S H   U P
I think this one speaks for itself. As usual, this was a demi cup giving you the push and fullness in all the right places. I chose to go with the oh, so popular mint color and looooove it! Talk about a perfect color to wear with my latest mint clothing purchases. Yes?

T H E   S E X Y   O N E
Oh my goodness ladies, this is something you must get in your closet stat. I saw this thinking I wouldn't like the bustier type with the large band and all the fuffy lace but my gosh, was I wrong! This has been something I throw on with a sheer tank to show through a bit and it's stunning. 
+But please keep it classy and cover your bottom if you showing skin up top.

T H E   E V E R Y D A Y
This could easily be categorized as a push up which is fine and all but it's more in the category of an everyday for me. This is the type of bra you'd find me in daily if I didn't have a B cup now. It's super cute and girly and it comes with the ability to take the strap off to convert to s strapless for you. A staple in your closet, if you ask me.

I'm so happy each of these bras have found a place in my closet. All that matters to me is if the girls are happy, I'm happy. Would you consider H&M for lingerie vs. Victoria's Secret, Soma Intimates, Aerie?