I've finally taken the plunge and dipped into a little lipstick trying. I've never been one to wear lipstick or even lip gloss. I've been a girl strictly wearing chapstick, even on our wedding day. I'm just not a fan of the sticky residue and the cakey look it can bring.

Recently I've been self tanning and feel like my overall makeup looks good but something just was off. I tried a little gloss one night and realized I need to spice up my lips somehow to keep them from looking blah. I browsed Pinterest for a few days reading reviews and comments on any and every nude lipstick and settled on Revlon Soft Nude. The problem is that it's in such high demand I could only find it on eBay for $30. Ouch, I know. I grit my teeth and made the purchase after seeing all the pros vs. cons on the product and while I waited I found Revlon Skyline Pink at Target. I thought they'd be roughly the same hue but to my surprise, I had two completely different tones. I loved the pink and the shade it offered, it's perfect for going out and you need a little shimmer. When I got Soft Nude in the mail, I wore it constantly. It brings out a much softer nude//coral tone and the finish is glossy.

I was at Target, again and came across Rimmel London's Kate Moss line in the color 113 and was obsessed! It gives a matted finish so it's not glossy and has the same consistency as my chapstick. Talk about amazing! And this little lady only cost me $5. This is the one I'm sold on. I have now purchased a second one so I have one for my purse and one for my makeup bag.

All in all, if you're a newbie to trying out lipsticks and aren't quite ready to smack on some red or hot pink lips, these are great ones to work your way up. I'm pleased with all the products and I'm so happy to say I've found my perfect shade. It's like Christmas morning in my makeup bag now & I love it!

+ n o t e : to get the true color of your lipstick when applying, add a little concealer on your lips before application. this provides a neutral base to show off the fab color your lipstick has to offer!