Comfort In Your Skin

April 18, 2013

It's never been easy for me to find comfort in the way I look. I've always struggled with wanting to change at least three things about my body. I get in the groove of really being intentional at the gym and eating right but I always end up stressed out and having a list longer than heck so I skip out on the work out to cross misc things off. It's not healthy and it's something I wish I had better control over but I've come to learn, it's about time I get comfortable in my own skin.

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No. 1
remind yourself you're worth it
God created each of us to be beautiful and to be unique. Never did He says let's make these two people completely identical because that's not His intention. I believe He built each of us to be special and to be valuable in our own way. Remind yourself of this and you'll start to believe it.

No. 2
do something that makes you happy
This may sound silly but my whole world is right when I have a little tan. I feel my best when I have a nice glow and that makes me happy. This isn't something to please others but when I get a tan, I'm beaming. You can read my method, here.

No. 3
embrace the trials in life with a deep breath
I can't stress enough how overwhelmed I can get over the littlest things and it's silly! Beyond, silly. I mean, do I really need to have anxiety over my chap stick running out or from not checking the mail daily? Nope, it's obnoxious. I've learned when something gets in my head and makes my heart heavy, it's time to take a deep breath, and let it go. I've even made a freebie for that!

No. 4
take time for yourself
God only knows how I am a workaholic and I'm pretty sure it's driving my husband crazy now too. Andrew has constantly been reminding me to take an hour in the morning to watch a DVR show or to take a little run. Those are the moments that are crucial for your mind and soul. Those are the times you can think to yourself and reflect on everything in life. They're necessary. 

No. 5
surround yourself with uplifting friends
I haven't always had the best friends and it became very apparent to me when I got married. I guess when you start that chapter of your life the old friends think your boring and old now being married but guess what? I'm not. I'm happy I was faced with this reality though because I've made some new friends that are only encouraging me and a constant reminder of how great a relationship can be. When you're surrounded by positive people, you tend be have an uplifting spirit and that's only contagious.

I could focus on the superficial things in life but I think it's time for me to take a step back, redirect my attention and challenge myself to doing the five things above. I'm sure in time I'll find some routine of getting time for myself and let's hope a few deep breaths in, I can even make it to the gym for my "me time". Yes?


  1. Thank you so much for writing this and your are so very beautiful! Don't let anyone tell you any differently!

  2. What great perspective! You are truly beautiful inside and out. :)

  3. SUCH great advice. Thanks for posting. And I love that entire outfit - so cute, effortless and fun!

  4. love your post! So true and that outfit is so cute!

  5. Awesone post... You are very photogenic...luv, luv the outfit....

  6. I know exactly what that's like. Especially as summer comes in I always end in a breakdown at least once before I get into a bikini for the year! Ha. These reminders are so encouraging!


  7. Wise words, I will be reading this again from time to time to remind myself of these things! :)

  8. Love all these tips ! Self love is so important.

    Meghan Silva's Blog

  9. Ugh you are just SO GORG!!! I wish I was cute and short like you so I could wear those shoes! Love you, love your blog! This is a really great post!


  10. You are so stinking cute! I needed this greatly. You are a beautiful woman and thank you so much for this post. You're an inspiration.


  11. A gorgeous girl inside and out! I've definitely realized that doing something that makes me happy, and surrounding myself with positive/supportive relationships are major! I see the difference in myself as well as the affect I have on others. And it just so happens that the series at my church right now is focusing on friendships/relationships and I feel like God is saying, "hey listen up, this was meant just for you!" :) Anyways, thanks for sharing these great points.

  12. Thank you... thank you so much for this post! You have no idea how much I needed this today. I lost it yesterday... I have been struggling a lot lately. I have a really hard time being comfortable with myself, I have struggled with my weight for a long time {I am an emotional eater} and then after having two babies it just has made it worse. But to know other people struggle with the way they look {whatever they may be uncomfortable with} is so helpful. I am not alone + that makes me happy. You are so amazing + I am really glad that I have found your blog. I hope that maybe someday we can become blog friends. :) Sorry I always leave such long comments on your blog.

  13. You look great & this little outfit suits you. The red shorts with the denim really make this outfit :) I'm so glad I read this post. It really is easy to focus on looks & superficial stuff, but it's great to remind myself everyday that what I do & how I love is always going to be more important that how I look.

    xo, Charlene Zale

  14. Seems like we all needed this! Thanks for sharing your heart. I'm working on being comfy in my own skin too. And not focusing on silly things that don't even matter, really.

    { }

  15. You have got to be one of the sweetest, cutest, most heartfelt and genuine blogger I follow. Even though I don't comment often, I love following along with you :)

  16. I really needed this post. As the winter clothes get put away and it's harder to cover up flaws--I become a little (eh, a lot) self-conscious. I needed this reminder that God made me this way for a reason and to celebrate it.

    p.s you look awesome in those shorts and heels! Wish I could pull that off!!

  17. you are soo cute! I love this outfit & i love the reminders you gave!


  18. Thanks for writing this. I really needed this right now.


  19. Such wise words. And you look perfect so stop worrying!

  20. You're so beautiful, it's crazy to imagine you would want to change anything about yourself! Thank you for posting this, these are great things to keep in mind

  21. I love this. I struggle often with being comfortable with myself. A lot of it has to do with my weight which currently is a large focus of my energy because I have a lot of weight to lose. But, it still is so motivating reading this, so thank you for that :)

  22. It's so funny that this is the first blog post of yours that I have read. I JUST found your blog through a giveaway link up and I just thought "wow that girls is so beautiful, and looks so nice and inviting!"

    bizarre how we think of ourselves one way and are so critical, but no one else notices!! love the post and the outfit!

  23. There for a second I thought you were using a tanning bed! I should have known better. :-)

    You look so cute! Embrace it!

  24. great post. we're all beautiful as we are created and I love your lovely attitude. let's all continue to be beautiful :)

  25. Your #5 reason is something I am dealing with a lot this past year! I know it's not one person's fault or the other, but I really dislike when friends feel they can't be your "Friend" anymore since they get married first or have kids first and you don't and then they just don't have time for the "Friendship" part anymore.

    I am right there with you about being healthy and trying to eat all the right things all the time, then kinda getting to busy and can't keep up. Reality is, we are all getting OLDER and no one stays in their little 18 old body forever :)

  26. Great post! And I am LOVING those shoes!

    -LesLeigh J.

  27. Adore this, adore you!! I think you are beautiful inside and out!! Love those heels, btw :)

  28. Love this post Aubrey!! So glad you shared this:) Oh and your outfit..adorbs! I have always loved red bottoms n a chambray or denim shirt! You look amazing girl!

  29. This may sound weird, and I'm just reading up on older posts I missed.. but I really feel like you are the older, and blonde, twin of myself. Every thing you just wrote about is what my heart needed to hear and our bodies could be doppelgangers. You're just one of my fav bloggers.. saving up for you to design my blog!

  30. I love this. Thanks for the reminders! It's always good to take a step back and focus on the things that are really important, and take a little time for yourself. I always love your posts. You have such great insight!
    [And PS, your bod is amazing.]

  31. I think you are beautiful inside and out!! Love those heels