It's never been easy for me to find comfort in the way I look. I've always struggled with wanting to change at least three things about my body. I get in the groove of really being intentional at the gym and eating right but I always end up stressed out and having a list longer than heck so I skip out on the work out to cross misc things off. It's not healthy and it's something I wish I had better control over but I've come to learn, it's about time I get comfortable in my own skin.

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No. 1
remind yourself you're worth it
God created each of us to be beautiful and to be unique. Never did He says let's make these two people completely identical because that's not His intention. I believe He built each of us to be special and to be valuable in our own way. Remind yourself of this and you'll start to believe it.

No. 2
do something that makes you happy
This may sound silly but my whole world is right when I have a little tan. I feel my best when I have a nice glow and that makes me happy. This isn't something to please others but when I get a tan, I'm beaming. You can read my method, here.

No. 3
embrace the trials in life with a deep breath
I can't stress enough how overwhelmed I can get over the littlest things and it's silly! Beyond, silly. I mean, do I really need to have anxiety over my chap stick running out or from not checking the mail daily? Nope, it's obnoxious. I've learned when something gets in my head and makes my heart heavy, it's time to take a deep breath, and let it go. I've even made a freebie for that!

No. 4
take time for yourself
God only knows how I am a workaholic and I'm pretty sure it's driving my husband crazy now too. Andrew has constantly been reminding me to take an hour in the morning to watch a DVR show or to take a little run. Those are the moments that are crucial for your mind and soul. Those are the times you can think to yourself and reflect on everything in life. They're necessary. 

No. 5
surround yourself with uplifting friends
I haven't always had the best friends and it became very apparent to me when I got married. I guess when you start that chapter of your life the old friends think your boring and old now being married but guess what? I'm not. I'm happy I was faced with this reality though because I've made some new friends that are only encouraging me and a constant reminder of how great a relationship can be. When you're surrounded by positive people, you tend be have an uplifting spirit and that's only contagious.

I could focus on the superficial things in life but I think it's time for me to take a step back, redirect my attention and challenge myself to doing the five things above. I'm sure in time I'll find some routine of getting time for myself and let's hope a few deep breaths in, I can even make it to the gym for my "me time". Yes?