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There's nothing better to me than indulging in something sweet and delectable but making it with a kick. I've found my new favorite way to enjoy my nightly alcohol and dessert all at the same time. The root beer float with vanilla vodka. I mean, it's beyond amazing. I have been obsessing about this thing the last few weeks so it's time I shared it with you all to enjoy yourselves. This recipe is plain and simple with three ingredients:

root beer
vanilla ice cream
vanilla vodka

I like to use a three count for pouring my alcohol...sometimes a five just depending on the mood and in my mind, it's absolutely necessary to be served in a mason jar with an adorable paper straw. It just makes it that much more enjoyable. I've had this with whipped cream vodka versus the vanilla and each are scrumptious so go for it friends! Maybe even add some cherry vodka or bailey's if you're feeling crazy. Enjoy this new cocktail, my friends!