Friday Freebie & News!

April 5, 2013

Let me start by saying I have good news.
Amazing news. Like praise God because he is so faithful news.

If you read this post you saw I was a bit worried but praying for a faithful God and that's just what he answered our prayers with. Yesterday I tackled the doctor with a million questions about a thin uterus lining and a million questions about pregnancy and the possibilities of it. Everything checked out normal and positive. We have no concerns or worries about expanding our family in the future because after more testing, I have a uterus that can bare a child full term. Talk about amazing, right?! I cried tears of joy and let out a few laughs after getting so worked up over a little scare.

To all those of you who commented before I turned them off, thank you and to all those of you who emailed, tweeted, instagramed and commented on other posts to let me know you were praying, thank you.

Moving on, today is Freebie day around these parts and I was beyond indecisive when it came to this week. I had a freebie scheduled that was a simple printable (which will now be live tomorrow) and after this weeks roller coaster of emotions I decided I needed a little something special for my own phone. You might have seen back here we are now a family with an iPad and I thought it would be time to break it out to play with a few sayings.

Guess what friends?
That means your freebie is custom with my handwriting!
At least it gets me excited.
You might have noticed all the little touches around this ole blog in gold are my handwriting too and that also gets me excited! 
+more to come on creating fonts next week.

Here you are love buckets; happy downloading!

click here to download mint, click here to download pink.

I N   C A S E   Y O U   M I S S E D   I T :
Monday // Boobs
Wednesday // A Bump
Thursday // Blazer Crazy

p.s. Brutus was the cutest dang pup this week and I just need to share a few instagrams with you:

Happy weekend!


  1. LOVE both of these freebies!!! :) This is one of my fav parts of Friday's! SO happy for you on the baby news! YAY God is so GOOD! Happy weekend!

  2. Such good news! :) Happy Friday!

  3. so happy for y'all. praise the Lord!

  4. I'm so glad you got good news! Isn't GOD good?

    P.s. Love the Freebie!

  5. Such wonderful news! I'm a new follower so I'm glad to hear that your happy & the future is a lil bit brighter for you today! =)

    Have a great weekend & that freebie is so going to be my desktop at work! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  6. That is such wonderful news! I'm sure it was weighing so heavy on your heart before the appointment.

    Both of these freebies are so beautiful... now I don't know which one to make my home screen! Thank you Aubrey!

  7. Awe that's awesome! Such a relief off your heart! :)
    Love seeing your pup on instagram :)

  8. I love these! And congratulations on your good news, friend. xoxo

  9. ohhh aubrey, such wonderful news :) so glad you dont even have to fret it now!!

    and love the freebies.

  10. Yay! Will this freebie work as an iPad background too? Oh who the heck cares, I am doing it. So happy about your good news, love. That makes me excited and relieved for you! Just so you know, your posts are as follows:

    1. Boobs
    2. Nude
    3. Bump

    Amazing. That is all.


  11. your dog is so cute! and congrats on getting the good news from your doctor and good luck in your journey in expanding your family.

  12. Love the freebie, but most importantly, LOVE the good news! So happy for you, as always, and can't wait to see you guys expand! You're going to be such a good momma :)

  13. More pink!!!! You love me, you really love me!!!

  14. So so so happy for you! :) I cried for you when I just read that... I you'll be the best mommy in the world when that time comes! Oh and thank you for the amazing freebies... love them! And I need that 2nd one on my phone right now!

  15. Hooray! I'm so glad God answered your prayers and that you can have kids in the future. Praise the Lord!

    And thank you for creating these freebies. They were the perfect reminders for me. And while I know I say this every time, it's the truth! :)

  16. 1. Happy you can be a mama! That's a big deal!
    2. Your pup is super adorable
    3. Thanks for the freebies because the pink one is getting printed and framed for my girlfriends housewarming!

    Have a good weekend!