Yesterday my sweet friend Lisette posted her version of some freebies her heart was really needing. I can only encourage you to go snag them because all three (yes, she made three) are gorgeous!

I've been off social media this week for the most part trying to focus on my body and all these new changes so I've really missed the drama but from what I've heard it was a bomb. Let me make it very clear here, I fully backed up Lisette in making these and am so glad she did! I can personally say, having the time to spend doing something you love such as visual art can work wonders on a heavy heart so I pray her having made hers and this one here, can help each of you know, this blog world isn't always a hot mess. I promise, there are amazing times of encouragement and sisterhood which can be life changing if you let it.

I think mine speaks for itself this week.

click here to download.

desktop background

simply download the image, set as desktop background. if the sizing is a bit off, head into control panel, screen and appearance (something of that sort) and play with how it's shown on your desktop.

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