I've grown up with my dad preaching to me to have my thank you cards written the week after whatever event that requires a little snail mail. It used to be something I found a bit obnoxious and never really enjoyed taking the time to show my gratitude but over time, I've learned the meaning behind each handwritten letter and I've come to appreciate and be extremely intentional about sending a thank you for even simply spending the evening with us when it's hard to work in with schedules.

I am one who loves getting a little love in the mail so I find I get the same satisfaction knowing someone else will be also. I feel I've mastered the basic thank you card and have a few tips on places to snag inexpensive cards and a how to make it custom to your receiver. 

First off where to find some great cards. My go to place is Target, go figure. The $1 binds have some awesome and seriously cute cards to sort through. Most of them come in packs of 6-8 and they're simple but to the point. Shown above come with 4 yellow and 4 gray with all teal envelopes. Perfect for spring and summer if you ask me. 

My second favorite place to shop cards is Hallmark. They tend to have a little more pricey cards but the quality is perfection. They are more custom so you can chose a few styles that really speak to you, stock up over the year and keep them in a good place so you always have them to run to. Expect to spend $10-$15 on a pack of 20 here.

Supplies: my favorite thing to write with is my Sharpie Pen. It's fine tip is easy to read and stays bold on all colors when writing a note. Washi tape is also my best friend since it gives more of a custom look when using basic cards. If I'm really in the mood for something fun, after I write out the note, I throw in a pinch of glitter before I seal my envelope. Such a surprise for the one receiving the snail mail!

Finding the right things to say in the content is something that took me a bit to figure out but this is what I like to do:

thank them
mention the item or gesture you're thanking them for
mention something coming up you'll see them at
thank them again (if needed)
sign off

Simple and to the point.

Address the cards as needed and dress up the outside a bit with washi tape if you desire then pop it in the mail. I hope those little ways I've learned for thanking can help you. And again, anyone likes to get a little something in the mail. It's always such a nice surprise so go send some cards, stat!