It's been 4 weeks of having the new BC implant and at the time of writing this post all was going good just dealing with bruising and healing up right. Here I am now and I have some other details I want to get out because it's been a struggle lately.

Firstly, I've been more emotional and crying in the last 4 weeks than I have since I was in high school 5 years ago. My eyes are constantly burning because I've been constantly crying. Whether it's because something upsets more or because I'm not feeling good, I'm crying. I have been one to normally control those emotions and I've been able to hold it in but I have zero control right now. The water works have been endless and it's getting me discouraged. I asked my husband last night if he's over the tears yet or if he knows he has to deal with emotions on a daily basis yet because it's been that bad. Poor guy.

Secondly, I have been so nauseous! Again, I am used to nausea from migraines and can handle it pretty well normally, but I am dying! I have been throwing up daily at least twice a day and it's been a roller coaster of never knowing if I'll be able to keep food down or if I'll be in bed. I have a prescription for nausea from my doctor but it makes me so sleepy so it's been hard taking it during the day. I've had a few people tell me some items that can help for nausea so I've been trying them all and so far, nothing truly makes it stop.

Another thing that's getting a little extensive in a side effect is spotting. I had my implant inserted the first day of my period and I haven't stopped bleeding since then. I was told this could go on for a month or two but it's getting a little annoying. I did go into this procedure fully knowing these issues and expecting things to happen but from what I read to what I'm experiencing, I didn't think I'd get all the problems, only maybe a few.

I can say the bruise has finally disappeared and the insertion mark is barely visible now so those are positive things in my mind! I'm just at a point physically where I'm ready for these issues to diminish so I can feel normal again without the constant worry of sickness.

Anyone else who's done this before have some insight?