About a year ago I did my first run ever. It was a 10k, Run for the Thirsty held in Phoenix. You can read all about it, here. So a couple months ago my Aunt emailed me with a groupon deal for the Rock & Glow run in Phoenix. I did my last run with my cousin, Madison so my Aunt thought both girls, Madison and Stevie would like to do this run with me. We booked it and committed and were super excited! 

This run was a little different than our last being at night versus in the morning. If you've ever been to Arizona in May, you'll understand that a night run would be much more enjoyable with less of a chance of overheating. We registered at 6pm, went to the bar, had a few margaritas and started the race at 8:30pm! Yes, I had a few drinks, the baby cousins? Obviously, not as they're 12 & 14 but my Aunt and Hubs joined in on my pregaming! :)

Last week we all finally admitted though we hadn't been running or training at all so we pretty much went into the run thinking we'd walk and just enjoy the time together. Well we did it. We actually ran the majority of the race! I felt pretty good and knew I would've been able to run the whole thing if my husband wasn't texting my cousin during it asking how we're doing. Ha! We had a few moments to stop and text him back and that was it. Those girls just brought so much joy and pride to me. I was so proud of them for running this and doing it with such determination. Both girls were saying they haven't run more than 1 mile without stopping so all in all, we all rocked it! We ended the race at 38.16 and we all feel very accomplished!

And those two kiddos there? Yep, they're best friends. My cousin Rylan and my stepson Drake are about 10 months apart in age and love getting together! Since the race theme was "Rock & Glow" they went all out getting dressed up in glow sticks and crazy accessories. It just kills me.