This week has been up and down and a hot mess if I may say so. The truth is, I'm in the process of reducing my hours even more at the church so I can work more from home on design work. This summer I'll simply be working two weeks a month at the church and two weeks a month at home. That's quite a jump for my schedule! This has a lot to do with Drake and I'm excited it's giving me the opportunity to focus my main efforts on design.

Who knew a year ago I'd ever see myself where I am now? I surely didn't. I went to school thinking I'd pursue teaching, 5th grade actually and once college started I soon realized it just wasn't my thing. I chose to plan a wedding and get married over building a career and then blogging happened. Sweet blogging. It's brought a new light of love into my life and has made my home business a success and what's better than doing something you love everyday, right?

So friends, bare with me while I learned to navigate this schedule change. But of course, it's Friday and you better get to snagging your freebie!

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Happy Weekend!