Tangerine + Army Green

May 27, 2013

Being completely truthful, I threw on my extensions and had to capture the great hair day that was happening. Doesn't the color just match so well? I'm still over the moon about my "sombre" I've been rockin' for a few weeks now. So hubs and I were heading out for drinks so it just so happened I was in this little number. Perfect summer attire in Arizona. Well, maybe not the blazer but it was 8pm so it wasn't too unmanagable.

We need to touch on those H&M shorts. You saw a red paid here and I've since then purchased 3 more pair because they're $12 and the fit is perfection. I'd recommend getting some, and coming from a lady who hates her legs and wearing shorts, that means a lot. I'm trying people, I'll embrace the dimples this summer because it's too dang hot in my neck of the woods not to be in shorts.

Also, that white blazer is dreamy. I'm guilty of trying to wear it everyday and I'll admit, it does happen quite often. It's been hard trying to find the right attire for working at the church this summer. I didn't think I would struggle so much trying to cover my tattoo but it's also an oven outside so I'm torn. Most coworkers say to show it and then there's one person who gives me the stare down when the lovely half sleeve is out. Makes me want to get real sassy but I must act like a lady.

tee (option) | forever 21
blazer (option) | H&M
shorts | H&M
wedges | nordstrom
necklace (option) | forever 21
watch | fossil


  1. I am in total ((love)) with those wedges girlfriend! And I would have never known you had extensions in! ((Extensions)) I wear them as well, glad to know I'm not the only one!

  2. I LOVE this outfit. The blazer pulls everything together and the green shorts with the other colors is amazing :)

  3. That blazer is AWESOME, I need a white blazer!


  4. I love everything about this outfit! Plusssss your hair looks gorgeous so that's another thing that makes this post so great!

    Xo, Kelsey

  5. love these colors together..you look great! i totally hate wearing shorts bc i'm not a big fan of my legs...i might need to get my butt over to h&m for a pair of these!

  6. I'm with you..I hate shorts..but you look great in them!!


  7. first of all i love these colors on you. such a perfect combo.
    second of all love those shoes.
    and third your hair does look great!


  8. You look amazing! Love your outfit - I want it ;)

    - Jen

  9. Love this outfit. You look great. I seriously love the pale pink and army green combination :)

  10. You look full of sunshine in these photos! Bright and happy and ready for summer:)

  11. You are so beautiful!!! And I love this outfit!

  12. Love this look. Those colors go so great with your skin tone too!

    I really really hope that by posting this you don't cause a MASS SELL OUT of those shorts at H&M. I have to hit up the two stores in Maryland when I'm home on vacation to try to find some!!! (I too am not too hot on wearing shorts but when it's too hot I need to get over it). These are adorable - I just wish the H&M was closer here where I live in AL).

  13. you are just too adorable! I love everything about this outfit and your pretty face!


  14. Oh my gosh your wedges! Love them!

  15. You look SOOO beautiful!!!

  16. Um...you look SO gorgeous Aubrey! Love the white blazer with the pale pink, and your hair is ahhmazing :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  17. You are insanely gorgeous. I seriously can not handle it. LOVE this outfit! And so excited for tomorrow!