May 28, 2013

This stuff is a life saver. I was using the basic drug store shampoo and conditioner normally Tresemme because it was inexpensive and did the job. Last year when I had black hair and went back to blonde in the matter of 3 weeks, I needed something strong and worth it. I splurged on Redken, which I had used many times in the past and haven't looked back since. It's great for color treated, dry hair and it's lasted me 9 months with the large sizes.

2 | Biotin
I jumped on the bandwagon about 6 months ago taking Biotin along with my daily prenatal vitamins and my hair is finally growing to where it's noticeable! I couldn't preach about this stuff more because it works so well. It's cheap and is great for your nails and skin also. Totally worth the buy!

I used to be the girl who'd grab a brush and yank through my hair causing a million times more breakage and damage than needed. I purchased a wide tooth comb about a year ago and it's really kept my hair in great condition. I like to have one in the shower so I comb through my hair with conditioner on it and I have one for when I'm combing through after the shower.

It's like heaven in a bottle. The smell is divine and the consistency with the product works on so many hair types. I prefer using this after I've curled versus straightening because it has a oil base and I feel like it pumps up the shine on my locks, gives off a wonderful scent and it's perfect for taming those annoying fly aways.

When my hair was at it's worse, this stuff saved me. One little pump takes you a long way and it's worth the spend. It's great for adding the perfect amount of moisture to your hair along with the ability to tame and keep hair in it's place. I like to finish with the spray to add some glimmer and tasty scent.

Need a hair masque that really works? Spend the money and get this stuff. It's great to apply in the shower while shaving your legs and I always comb through with my wide tooth comb. I like to do it about every other week because the product goes a long way.


  1. I love Moroccan oil & After Party! Use them both daily!

  2. I have been meaning to get to the store and get some more ALL SOFT that stuff is amazing! I haven't used After Party in years but I remember the scent being awesome, I might have to drag my butt to Target to get some more! Biotin, is great stuff!!!

  3. I use almost all of these toooooo!!! all soft is the best!


  4. I'm going to have to try After Party - thanks girl! Love me some Moroccan Oil too!

  5. I am a huge fan of Moroccain oil too -- that stuff is the best! xo

  6. I've been taking pre-natal vitamins and waiting for my hair to start looking awesome. I need to grab some biotin stat!

  7. Have to try biotin , sounds like just what I need to jump start my hair growth.

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  8. I do the same thing, wide tooth comb in the shower! No way I could comb my hair if I didn't!