Black. Blazers. Battle Star galatica. Or just a simple black and white outfit. I don't know, whatever you fancy I suppose. Either way, it's very known here on this blog how much I love a good blazer and lately I'm trying my darnest to get my ass in jeans other than my favorite dark wash Joe Jeans. I seem to always raid my closet, morning after morning, pulling together an outfit being fully confident then end up leaving the house in something much more casual and simple. Why's it so hard to stray from our comfort zone? Hmmm? Again, I don't know that either.

On another notes, I try and try to have my husband take outfit pictures and it seems to always end up a hot mess. I mean, why doesn't he read my mind and all the cute images in my brain of ways to pull together a good post? Why can't he seem to get the perfect angle and focus on the item I'm wanting? Maybe I should be a bossy pants and make him do pictures 100 times until I find the right shots I'd like to use. Just thinking out loud here.

top | H&M
blazer (option) | H&M
pants : on sale!| old navy
shoes | target
watch (option) | kohls
clutch (option) | express