Let's talk about notebooks. Am I the only one obsessed with owning about 17 notebooks all very similar? Don't answer that because I'm sure it's only me. I don't know what it is but when I see a notebook that's just too cute to pass up, I have to have it. I love them. Do I truly use them? Nope, not at all but I love how they bring a little something to add a pop to my bookshelf. I'm guilty of loving the appearance. Oh well, at least I'm being honest.

Moving along, Bethany from Dot The I Boutique was so kind and sent me over this cute notebook and a pen that's just as amazing as Sharpie Pens so I've surprisingly been using it since I got it! What a concept, I know! What's different about these notebooks? The main difference is they're made and printed in the United States. I know there are people who only buy that way so there you have it, these are perfect for that.

Personally, I throw a notebook in my purse with me normally and seem to find ones either too small to write or ones too large that over take my bags and I'm pleased to say the first thing I noticed about this one is it fit perfect in my bag without taking up too much room and my writing is legible because it's not teeny. That's a huge thing for me when buying a notebook, it has to be portable, functional and easy to manipulate and this fits my standards, perfectly.

You can visit Dot The I Boutique's Facebook here and shop here.