Chambray + Chiffon

July 4, 2013

I'm slowly running out of ways to stay cool already this summer. It's consistently in the 120's lately and it's legitimately an oven. I dread getting in the car for anything and my grocery shopping and errand running has now taken over my early mornings and late evenings. I've also come to terms with my hair needing to be off my neck at all times or else I'll look like a drowning lion from sweat. Talk about sexy, people. So sexy.

top | Target
dress (option) | Macy's
sandals | Target
clutch (option) | Marshalls
watch | Fossil
necklace | Forever21


  1. I really love a good chambray shirt; a summer staple, for sure.

  2. love your outfit! It's adorable.

  3. That skirt is so cute, I'm a sucker for chiffon! I'm in love with your tattoo, it's the most elegant and beautiful I've seen.

  4. Cute outfit. I think you should be confident that you are not the only one who cannot keep cool! haha

  5. 120 degrees?!? OMG that is super intense! Well you are looking super cute in the hot weather! I love your shirt! Did you get it a long time ago or recently? I think I'll have to stop by Target (& Marshalls)!

    PS. LOOVE your blog!

  6. Cute outfit!! I love the gold Jewlery!

  7. Adorable outfit! Love the lips! xx