I knew coming into my marriage and accepting a son, I'd have to take on the "stepmom" role and we've had a pretty seamless bond growing. He's trusted and respected me and shown me love beyond words. My heart has grown 100 times learning to love this child. It's been a learning process having Drake for 7 days at a time now every other week. It's been such a blessing to Andrew and myself and for our little family unit and it's something we've been dying for. It's also something that brings trials and bad days because guess what.... he's 7 and testing boundaries at our home and trying to get away with things we know aren't acceptable with his mama.

My first moment of truly punishing him set in this past week. I was in tears after giving him his consequence and it hurt my heart so.freaking.much watching him bawl begging for forgiveness. He looked me in the face, lied and thought I wouldn't catch it and when I did, my heart dropped knowing I'd have to punish him. 

In theory, it's easy to tell yourself you'll be strong and stand your grand when discipling. In my mind I thought it would just be as simple as saying no to TV or denying some time on the iPad but lawwwwd, it was brutal. Never did I think I'd be so emotional and feel so bad for having to give a severe consequence so he could learn his lesson. I've prayed and prayed for wisdom and comfort for finding my voice with him. How I can be a great stepmom and role model while also connecting and becoming close to him. Along with all those duties I realize I have to put on the ugly hat sometimes to show some tough love but I wasn't prepared for how trying it would be on my heart.

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