Okay, I just need to clarify, this isn't actually a freebie this week. Something happened last week, I finally got my step-mommy butt in gear and made Drake a custom chore chart. I decided to tweet it and it seems many of you would like a custom little chore printable also! Who knew? So today, I've decided I'll be offering a custom printable including 10 items to bullet, a custom title and custom colors all for the low price of $10. Ya'll get the design file and print it weekly to keep it on the fridge or counter....whatever works for you. The best part? This doesn't have to only be for kiddos, you can create a house duty list if that suits the phase of life you're in. Oh, and there's an optional tag line at the bottom to either motivate or give thanks!

So what's next? I need you to look here for 4 colors you'd like your print to be. Don't come to me saying, I think this will work...or you can adjust..blah blah blah. Sorry friends, please pick your 4 colors and send me the color codes. In the same email, include the 10 duties you'd like listed and the title you'd like it to read. The fonts will be as shown here simply customized to your personal needs with a list and colors. Make sure to include the PayPal email you'd like the invoice sent to and once it's paid, you'll get your design file a couple days later to print at your leisure!

R E C A P :
+ pick your colors
+ pick your title
+ pick your 10 duties
+ email me with the deets and your PayPal email

Simple as that friends! Sorry for those of you who swung by today hoping for a freebie. I was just too excited people actually wanted this print so I had to make a whole post dedicated to it. You can snag other freebies, here.

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