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I feel like it's time to share some things happening in my life lately all going back to my implant that was inserted in March. I've blogged about it here, here and here if you'd like to get caught up. Well, the last time I blogged about it, things were looking up and it seemed we had a break through. Unfortunately, a couple days after things went back to where they had been for a few months. I was lucky enough to have a week or so without bleeding but here we are 4 months later and that's one week out of 16 not bleeding. That's right, I'm back to the daily bleeding and it doesn't seem to want to subside. 

When it comes to the side effects of the emotions and nausea I was having, I still feel pretty good about feeling myself again and haven't had much of those issues which I'm so grateful for! My only issue now is the bleeding. I finally broke down and called my dr again and visited with her Wednesday. I had the intention of just pulling the plug and removing it but after seeing her, we've started a new regimen which should hopefully help this out! Back when I was first tested for this BC, I was told my uterus lining is very thin; this is also something that could cause problems in the future when trying to start our family and this BC is only making that worse. It seems all the bleeding is happening because of my uterus being so thin so we've now started a daily dose of Estrogen to counteract the BC. The Estrogen is to help thicken the lining in my uterus which should in theory stop my bleeding. Side effects? Well let's talk about hormone crazy! Estrogen never has agreed with my body having an extra dose so I'm told I will be quite the emotional lady going through these pills. My dr recommended taking them at night before bed so I can hopefully sleep through the side effects of tears and up and downs so that's what I've started as of lately.

Altogether, we're going to try this for 2 months if I can handle it emotionally and we should be able to potentially take me off the Estrogen after that time frame, with my cycles back to normal. Worst case scenario, I hate how I react and we will then remove the implant. That being said, what's our next option for contraceptive? I've reevaluated Mirena (IUD) and my dr thinks my body could adapt better to that so if we get to the point of removing the implant, our next steps will be that.

Honestly, over the last 4 months of having this, I think we've changed our timing on trying to start also. Going into this 3 year implant, we thought when the time was up, we'd start trying then. Now, we've talked about finances and being stable and feel in the next year when we have everything paid off (hubs vehicle is the only thing we have left) we would consider trying then. Ultimately, I feel a little silly getting a long term BC inserted now when we're playing with the idea of conceiving sooner than later. It also feels like it's pointless to throw my body into even more unknowns for such a short time frame. I guess all we can do right now is see how this new option works and go from there.

This is seriously personal and I understand that but I simply hope to educate you about my experience to potentially help you with your decision. Either way, I've had to remind myself over and over not to dwell on these negative side effects. I've had to focus my mind on what's positive and remember all the amazing things I've learned through this and about my body. Hence the freebie quote. Enjoy it pretties, see you Monday with a top knot hair tutorial.