Andrew, where do I even begin? From someone I saw often when growing up, to the guy who I lusted over at sleep overs with your sister, to now the man I call my husband and lover. I never thought I'd be spending your birthday with you every year for all eternity but isn't God funny that way? I can't thank Him enough for bringing us together in the lowest of times only to have us grow close and build a foundation for a life long marriage. I also can't thank Him enough for providing me with a husband who's loyal, caring, charming, sarcastic, endearing, witty, passionate, funny.... with a touch of stubborn, too. :)

Boo, you've blessed my life in ways you don't see. You've healed my heart in times I feel like it's shattered, you've held my hand in support and encouragement while I've chased my dreams. You've listened to my rants about things you couldn't care less about but you make me feel like I have every right to feel as I do. You've molded me into a woman of God and a mother and you've been there to uplift me as your wife and best friend.

It occurred to me late last night this could be the year we start a family. It could be the year that changes our whole world and it could be a year we celebrate becoming parents, together. It scares me in all the right ways and it makes my heart so warm getting to spend those moment with you.

You are something special.

Happy 26th, love. 
Let's make it a crazy one, no?