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July 26, 2013

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Last week I vented a bit and gave some updates on how my implant has been doing. Well, after taking Estrogen for 2 days, it occurred to me over a down pour of sobs and tears, it's not worth it. We have made the decision to start trying in the next year for Littles (which still scares me!) and after being so easily manipulated by the Estrogen, I knew my answer wasn't to terminate one long term BC method to start another one with an IUD but it was to take some time for my body to heal, learn who it is again and start preparing for carrying a child. If it were completely up to me, I'd be prescription free altogether but that's wishful thinking from a girl who suffers from migraines too frequently. I will still be on a daily preventative for those and I'm sure the occasional hospital visit will happen but as far as anything else, it's time to stop. I've prayed and prayed about this decision because what if that times comes when we plan to start trying and we feel it really isn't the right time? What if I have even worse side effects coming off of the BC than I did while on it? What's the removal going to entail? There are so many questions up in the air but I've always known from a little girl I wanted to be a mom and if God let's me when the time comes, what a blessing. I feel now, it's time to take a breather and let my body do it's own thing.

Why "Elegance"? I guess I feel like I've put up with my fair share of trying to do things people were telling me with contraceptive and what would work. I feel I've gracefully accepted opinions and suggestions only to find it's something that doesn't quite click with me. Hence, elegance. I plan to elegantly take a step back, remove myself from what's clouding my natural instinct and embrace what God places before me. 

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  1. As much of a good thing that birth control can be, sometimes it's good for your body to just take a break from all those medicines and heal on its own. Up until recently I've been on various medications trying to deal with fertility-related issues, and I think it's done more harm than good! Good luck on your journey, and I hope your body sorts itself out!


  2. LOVE today's freebie. On my desktop now. :) And I'll be praying for you as you wrestle with these tough times and decisions.

  3. That is so exciting and wonderfully awesome girl! I know it is scary and wonderful all the same time. Praying for you on this new adventure and hoping that you do not have complications coming off the BC. xoxo

  4. Ohhhhhhh love this!


  5. Beautiful printable as always! And You should do what you feel is right for you and your family. It will work out the way God has planned for you. And you will be ready when it happens... I know the feeling of always wanting or knowing I was meant to be a mama and when it happens I know you'll fall right into it and be an amazing mama :) don't worry about that now, just heal and let your body get back to being itself! I will pray that everything goes smoothly.

  6. Good luck with your decision to listen to your body and instincts for BC. I don't know if this is something you are interested in but I read a book called "Taking Charge of Your Fertility". It is about natural birth control (ie hormone-free, tracking cycles, and getting in tune with your body)...I know there is some stigma because I have heard that it is touted by certain religious groups BUT it is a fantastic read if you are trying to steer clear of hormones and have the potential for children in your future. I have no kids, I am currently single, and I picked it up a few years back but I am glad I did. I have never been more in tune with what my body does...

  7. You inspire me! I'm on oral BC and I hate it. Because it's an everyday reminder to myself that I would've never been on it if I had been a little stronger. Sure it helps me with my migraines and skin and it comes with all these wonderful things, but somedays it makes me feel so yucky. I look forward to reading more updates from you and I will keep you and all of us young women in my prayers that we continue to be strong for ourselves and to elegantly regain our strength in whatever we do. I've never met you, but you seem amazing and you are very talented with your work. God has a bigger plan for you and the hubs! Happy Friday!


  8. Maybe what you could see if you could do is quit you job at the church (once you get pregnant) and see if you could go back to nannying Ellie and be a partial stay at home mother, along with getting up early to do you design work for an hour in the morning and maybe agreeing with Ellie's parent that you get an hour a day (while your watching them) to work as well. You will have to make a wait list, but it's a good option to be with a baby and still have a job.

  9. Love the printable, thank you!
    I also suffer from TERRIBLE migraines, and I was super worried about what I would do if I had them while I was pregnant... and while it took us a while for that to happen (3 years), I never had an migraines which was CRAZY and the biggest blessing. I am now nursing, and they have just started coming back within the past month (but can't take my old medication for it anymore). Good luck lady! Hopefully everything goes smoothly! :)

  10. I swear I've thought I was crazy for the past 6 months because of my birth control. I'm stressed out over nothing, I'm anxious all the time and I've been extremely irritable. I've been on 4 different pills and I've finally realized that my body just isn't compatible with it. Thanks for helping me realize that sometimes what we want isn't always the best thing and rather than dwell on it we should find an alternative.
    Best of luck!