Yay for collaborations with pretty miss Becky from Cella Jane! This month we chose colored blazers and of course, it's been my favorite to date. The obsession I have with them is seriously concerning but I can't help the polished look they give and they're just too stylish to pass up. Can we all agree on this? I think so. It also helps that going into fall, I can wear these now to cover the half sleeve at the church and people won't think I'm crazy since the weather will be cooling; double yay!

Also, I just want to touch on a couple posts Becky has done lately because they're all too stunning not to share. My favorites as of lately are here, here and here (another blazer post, big surprise!). Enjoy!

blazer (option) | Forever 21
skirt (option) | Rue 21
top (option) | H&M
sandals (option) | Target
watch | Fossil
link bracelet | Sira & Mara