Today marks day two of running around like a chicken with my head cut off due to the new schedule with Drake. Maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit but it really had me worried Sunday night while getting lunches ready and clothes set out. I had a moment of panic thinking what if I'm terrible at taking on this exciting new chapter. What if I'm the stepmom who gets him to school late and forget to pack his favorite snack. What happens if there's inclement weather....step brothers....anyone? But really, WHAT IF?

After I gave myself a good dose of self driven anxiety I passed out and woke up Monday quite easily and things went as smoothly as they could've. I even have my new workout routine scheduled in before I get Drake so I don't miss any days Monday-Friday and yesterday seemed to be the perfect scenario. All went well.

Another thing that has my heart a little lighter are these earrings. I got this perfect lace dress from H&M last year and it's one of my favorite pieces in my closet. I knew these turquoise earrings would pair seamlessly with it. Miss Charlotte from Charlotte is Cha Cha sent them my way and I literally fell in love when I saw them in person. I've always been a huge fan of turquoise and haven't really purchased pieces I loved but really, these earrings add the perfect touch. Do you guys love the turquoise accessory trend? I might have to splurge on a necklace like this, also.

On to goodies, Charlotte is offering 15% off her Etsy shop this week only using code "KINCH15".
Here are a few more favorites of mine from her shop:
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Happy shopping friends and seriously, thanks for all the love again with our exciting new journey with Drake!