Fall Maxi + Thoughts

September 19, 2013

It's that time again. A little collaboration with my lovely, Becky for our piece of the month. This month we chose a maxi and how to transition it to Fall. Honestly, when I found this fab Old Navy crew neck sweat shirt, I knew it would be the perfect transition piece for my flowy summer maxi skirt. Head over to Cella Jane to see how Becky styled her maxi this month!

On another note, it hit me the other day right after I dropped Drake off at school how blessed I am by him and what my role as a woman has become. It's weird confidently stepping into that role not knowing how he would adjust to me, or how Andrew would react to my motherly instincts and even how his mom would accept me playing a more active role. I just all the sudden became overwhelmed at how easy this has all been. Drake is the best stepson and has made it known to me he loves and appreciates me. Andrew has only praised and encouraged me being more active and the sole responsibility for Drake and Esi, Drake's mom, has become more of a friend than an enemy. It's been wonderful.

There were two incidents that really stood out to me the last couple weeks and I just need to share because God has done some amazing things for our household and with my heart that I'm so grateful for.

This past weekend I was at my in-laws house with my sister-in-law and Drake's mom getting some things ready for a party. I'm always a bit on edge when I normally spend time around Esi as I know it's not easy for her to see me mothering her son and it's an ex....I mean, it's kind of inevitable it's weird, right? From what I planned to spend maybe 30 minutes over there helping out, I spent 4 hours just hanging out with these two great ladies and enjoying some time to visit and chat about life and everything in it. If you asked me if I thought Esi and I could do this 4 years ago when I stepped into the picture, she and I both would've laughed in your face. I can't express to you how it feels knowing I have the love and support from her as well. She even text me on my birthday with the most sincere birthday wish I've ever received.... literally. I mean, I'm just in awe of how God has changed our hearts and has given us the friendship to work together raising Drake. Amazing.

Monday night rolled around and we had a few friends over for dinner. I had told Drake they were going to be over early evening but some conflicts happened causing them to come 20 minutes before little man's bedtime. He asked me when they would be there and I had to break the news he wouldn't be spending much time as he needed to hit the hay to rise early Tuesday. He broke down, tears and all but went straight to my arms to be cradled and consoled. My gosh, you have no idea what that does to my heart. I melted and thanked Jesus for blessing me with this little human being. I had boogers and tears of his rolling down my arms and I was simply overcome with joy that I am able to be a little comfort in a time he's upset. How did I get such luck when I married Andrew? 

I know I could go one for days but it hit me so hard in every fiber of my being how much I love Drake and how much I love my husband for choosing me to help hold his hand through life and raise him. It floors me what the depths of that means and I'm honored to be part of this journey with him.

top | Old Navy
skirt | Nordstrom
sandals | Target
watch | Fossil
link bracelet | Etsy
bangle bracelet | Alex & Ani (thanks mom!)


  1. Aw I love this, it's amazing how God moves! Yay for great feelings, being thankful, and an adorable outfit!


  2. Holly Martinez9/19/13, 8:03 AM

    I love that things are getting so much better for you and Esi!!

  3. That sweater looks so cozy, love the outfit!

    Thanks for sharing your heart and perspective on being a stepmom! So happy for you that you have received blessings already!

  4. New follower here and I lovvve your hair! Have you ever done a tutorial? I am in a similar situation with my husband and children by a prior marriage. I love them like my own. Its such a special and rewarding thing being a stepmom!

  5. This makes my heart happy! <3 So happy you are loving your new role. How amazing to have a relationship with his mother as well. That will truly make a huge difference in his life. That is one lucky and loved boy!

  6. You have such an amazing soul my dear! Love hearing your stories and how you see the work of god in all. Thanks for sharing AND last but not least, you look amaze, as you always do!

  7. Love, love your style!! Found you through your Fall Maxi collab with Cella Jane!!


  8. That gave me chills! I'm so happy for you. How blessed that you get to be a part of Drake's life and that the relationship with his mom has gotten so much stronger! Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

  9. This outfit just speaks to me! Totally up my alley and such a great mix of casual glam. I adore that sweatshirt with the sequin details. Found your through Cella Jane!
    Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

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  10. Such a cute outfit. You rocked it so good!