Thursday. My new Friday every single week. Hallelujah! I could scream with excitement. I'll now only be working at the church office Monday-Thursday and I then have my full Friday's to spend on design work at home, in my pretty little office. Yay! It has me giddy. It also means my time with Drake will be even more often than it is now so I again, am stoked about this.

I'm also stoked about how cute this outfit turned out. I don't seem to grab this skirt too often and I don't know why I wouldn't. It's just too darling and I always seem to get huge amounts of compliments when I'm wearing it. Considering it's still in the 90's in PHX, I must wear this over the next couple weeks before I have to pair it with tights and boots.....which I'm also excited for!

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skirt (option, option) | Taylor & Stylist
top (option) | H&M
blazer (option) | H&M
shoes (option, option) | Target
bag (option) | Target
watch (exact, option) | Fossil