Sometimes I just get buried in an overwhelming sense of stress and I tend to sit and think, how can I get through this without having melt down after melt down. I am the type of person who likes checking things off my list and I won't stop until that happens and now being in a job that has a never ending list of "to-do's" has really been a challenge for me. I've had to set boundaries and know my limits because if I don't, I turn into a mess of emotions and a fog of tiredness. 

It does hit me though, I am so blessed to have the opportunity of being busy. So many new businesses and ventures are dragging and it's a struggle making ends meet and I'm quite the opposite. That being said, I know my clients will keep coming, I know they'll respect I have my home life and mommy life to fulfill and I know they'll wait to see the final products because I have a family who needs me. I was up late last night pulling together my weekend list of clients, and had a moment where I let it all go, took a deep breath and prayed that I have the strength to set my limits, to adhere by those limits and enjoy life as well as my wonderful business and clients. I believe I can get through this busy season of I will.

Happy Friday, loves.