November 6, 2013

I sometimes forget how big this blogging community is and how it can set so much ease to this heart of mine when I simply share it with you. I was a bit overwhelmed by the sweetness and love oozing through my inbox after my post on Monday. I know we all (or some) believe what I do for being His hands and feet on earth and I'm so humbled by those ladies who reached out and shared the same thoughts with me. So thank you, it means the world.

On another note, we've been going through some transitioning at the church with office space and such which hasn't been easy. I've come home the last week or so very discouraged and low which I again, feel had a lot to do with my quiet and emotional feelings as of lately. Well today, I came in slowly after enjoying a morning in bed with coffee and the pooch. I had a great lunch date with a girlfriend and I was moved and settled into my new office this afternoon. I am going to be positive and say it's very loft/studio feeling but in reality.... it's a storage room that's massive so I'm sharing with two other people, ha! It will be a huge adjustment from having a wonderful work space before going to something very small and exposed but me being me, already ordered a new tassel garland from Studio Mucci and a wonderful area rug to make it a little more cozy.

Cheers to change and uneasiness all while trusting in Him, yes?!

maxi | Forever 21
sweater | Old Navy
flats | Target
necklaces | Forever 21
watch | Fossil
bracelet | Alex & Ani


  1. you look lovely! You are rocking that maxi skirt - glad to hear you staying so positive in the face of change!

  2. love to hear your heart is in the right place for the changes you are facing.
    a wise woman once told me.. the devil attacks most and at his hardest when you are taking steps to 'advance the Kingdom'. you are making waves and spreading the WORD. you are an amazing threat! face the changes with a smile on your face, because you sweet girl are making a difference and sharing the LOVE and WORD of the LORD! press on my friend! :) x o x o

  3. yes, you said it right, trust in HIM!

    & you look prettier than ever. i wish we lived closer! xo

  4. YES. hes got this, and youve got this!

  5. Aw my friend, change is always hard! Not gonna lie was a little worried about you after Mondays post....but it sounds like you're doing exactly what you need to do right now!

  6. I can totally relate to this right now. With everything going on and the holidays coming up, I feel sad how different this year versus last year. I just moved into a new apartment and I am trying to adjust to living life single again (or single for the first time in my adult life). I am praying for you that amazing things will come from all of these changes in your life. Keep your head up, sweet girl!


  7. Your hair is to die for. Love that soft honey blonde - so flattering and perfect for fall!

  8. love this...what color lipstick is this???