I think there comes a time in every woman's life where confidence isn't oozing from every fiber. Beauty is tainted in their minds and what they see on the outside is something they don't feel is beautiful. Where it's a moment of discouragement or a season of transitioning with life, I suppose it's normal to feel almost empty and alone. You may not be and could be wonderfully surrounded by amazing people and uplifters but there's still those moments you can't pin point why or how or the extent of how long these emotions will last.... but they're there.

I have to confess, I've been stuck lately. Not feeling motivated or encouraged. Feeling a bit empty and worn thin. I've been stressing over things that I have no control over and in turn, looking at myself not being worth it when in His eyes, I am. He created me to stand strong and to inspire. To love, to teach, to heal and to befriend. He gave me this life to walk by His words and to reach as many souls possible and to do it gracefully. Although it may be in the back of my mind normally, I'm working at being intentional in knowing He loves me and He thinks I'm beautiful. In understanding in these busy seasons of life, I have Him to lean on and seek.

I have a main focus in this life of mine. It's to touch as many people's hearts as I can with His word and love. To raise my stepson always reaching for Him and doing all he does in His name and for His Kingdom. I've realized to do this, I have to believe in myself to be a beautiful woman of Christ so I can inspire and change other people's lives. It's eye opening coming to this realization and no, it isn't easy. But He sacrificed so much for the 7 billion people He's created so shouldn't we use our time here to honor Him and thank Him for His blessings?