Hello lovelies! About a month ago, I chatted here about the goodness I had purchased with Philosophy Clear Days Ahead acne line. Well I did the trial kit so I finished the four week supply last night. I was blown away to begin with how it worked so quickly and so effectively even while being on my period. That being said, about week three I started to show major signs of breaking out again and was quite discouraged with the product. I did finish out and in the last week, things have cleared up pretty consistently again though!

All in all, I have to say this product was a good one but not my favorite and not something I'll be spending the full price on. I just don't feel it was hugely effective that it's life changing. I did have a lot of drying so throughout I had to use my favorite Cera Ve daily moisturizer to even maintain a face that wasn't peeling and the scent of the product really wasn't the best either. Maybe I'm miss priss and high maintenance but I like a great smelling product if I'm spending a pretty penny.

After much research and scouring the interwebs for another option, I landed on Mario Badescu. I'm sure you've heard of it but I found this sucker might be the jackpot. I'm happy to say, my little package of zit zapping joy arrived last night and I will be starting the beaute today! I only purchased the Drying Lotion which I've been told is the best spot treatment for acne and I followed up with the Anti Acne Serum as well for a daily wear to fight breakouts throughout the day. I am super encouraged by all the reviews I've been reading so I have faith this might do the trick! As always, I'll be back here to share my thoughts because lord knows all us ladies need some help in the relentless adult acne area. Amen?