Sound the alarms! It's raining in Arizona today! Praise Jesus! I've been sooooo over the 90 degree weather we've still be in and I literally squealed in excitement this morning when I realized it was in the 60's and I wouldn't be sweating in my comfy, warm attire! What a way to start this weekend, ladies. Seriously.

I wanted to take a moment to extend such a warm and genuine thank you to everyone who takes the time to come to my blog over and over. Recently my instagram has sky rocketed in followers and it keeps me in awe how people like to follow along and be part of my journey. It's weird how that all works out when coming into blogging as a hobby and something to be creative with and before you know it, it turns to something so inspiring and a form of encouragement and you evolve as a person with it and your readers. So thank you for letting me be all mush and tears as I extend my gratitude! You babes are rockstars and keep me going!

Have a blessed and safe weekend pretties!

skirt | Forever 21
sweater | Target
booties | Target (similar)
scarf | Zara