Pop of Pink

November 14, 2013

It has occurred to me I should probably step away from the usual neutrals so today, I decided to add a touch of pink. That's about the most you'll see around these parts for the cooler months because I feel it's only normal to layer myself in all things black, cream, camel...etc and I'm sure you feel the same way. I some times envy those girls who have the balls to be bold but I've quickly realized it's just not my thing. I'm much more comfortable and dress my style when embracing the bland. And this pink? It's one of my favorites, MAC | Snob. You should probably snag it because it can be worn all year. Don't believe? Example one, two and three. Cheers!

pants | Old Navy
top | Target
blazer | Marshalls (exact- you will love it!)
sandals | Lulu's
watch | Fossil
bracelet | Windsor


  1. Dear Blazer: I need you; I want you; oh baby, oh baby.

  2. LOVE everything about this, and that lipstick is one of my favs!!!


  3. I love this outfit! I don't have a lot of animal print pieces but I definitely love that blazer

  4. HI Aubrey,

    I adore when you do outfit posts, they are always very classy. Great style

  5. you look so pretty aubs. those sunnies (love) & love the pop of pink (might need to try this one out too!).

    enjoy your thursday love! xo