Friday Freebie!

November 15, 2013

click here to download

Man, two weeks in a row? Who am I? Ha! Okay truthfully though, I'm a little saturated and burnt out in every aspect of life including design and I randomly made this little desktop background on Tuesday for some extra motivation and encouragement to power through those emails. That being said, I thought it was only right to share with you beauties! As usual, feel free to tag me on instagram or twitter @aubreykinch showing your pretty freebie and use #kinchdesigns.

Happy Friday!
And just because I know you all were swooning over my Kate Spade post
they're having a 25% off sale today & tomorrow!
Yay, now go snag some of those items on my top 10 list using code HOLWD13!


  1. I always love the backgrounds - I need this one today!

  2. I'm so mad, they sold out of my agenda!!!!!

  3. oh goodness. best background ever. 4 weeks left of school until break...I can do this. :)

  4. Making random graphics or using pinterest are the best things to do when you're just burnt out. It's best to just go with it and pick up work when you feel up to it again. But hey lucky for us bc I love this PLUS i need a major reminder :p

  5. love love love this. i need some encouragement too. so i am totally downloading this lady! enjoy your weekend. xo

  6. Hah! Definitely the background I need when opening my computer everyday! Perfect for a chronic procrastinator like me! :)

  7. I was just thinking today that I needed an inspiring background for my computer. THANK YOU for this!