I have quite the news to share. Something I've been wishing I could set in motion to be able to move forward and it's happening.... someone pinch me so I know it's real. Is the suspense killing you?! I guess I should just cut right to the chase.... I have officially put in my notice at the church (!!) and I will be leaving January 16th to become a full time freelance designer + virtual assistant from home! Cue the confetti and Beyonce!

What? Why? How....? As we've settled into our life having Drake 50% for the last 6 months, I've realized what a toll I've been putting my mind and body through trying to juggle being a wife and mother first and foremost but also trying to maintain two full time jobs. I've learned the signs of an oncoming breaking point and how I knew I'd be sick with migraines when I got too stressed. I learned I'm a push over and people pleaser so I wouldn't ever say no only leaving me overloaded and drowning with clients and tasks much too big for my time. As the end of the year approached, Andrew and I had been talking about this next year for us and where we would be in our marriage and family and feel now is the time to take this chance with my thriving business. The opportunity to embrace the blessings coming my way each month with client after client so I can build my home business to be a stable source of income for our home. I'm most excited about being a "stay at home stepmom" the weeks we have Drake but it will also be entertaining being a full time business lady on our weeks off! I can't wait to see how The Kinch Life | DESIGNS evolves over 2014 as 2013 was packed with much more than I had ever dreamed it would be!

I do have to say my husband is the most amazing man ever supporting me and encouraging me to take this huge leap of faith. Without his consistent love and understanding of me wanting to chase this huge dream, I would never be where I am today!

I do plan to spend more time focusing on a consistent blogging schedule here so there's some kind of intriguing content happening and you might have guessed by the freebie above, but I will be sharing downloads much more often as I'll be able to design my little heart out, daily. Eeek! I can't wait.

2014.... let's do this!